The Digital Signage software 
simple and powerful at the same time
DYNATOUCH, the Digital Signage software by CSX
Dynatouch is a digital signage software for Windows.
The biggest challenge : be simple for the user.
Because simple does not mean simplistic, our solution aims to complete in terms of functionality :

· Multi-site ,
· Automatic synchronization ,
· Centralized Supervision,
· Compatibility with permanent market standards without subscription nor additional cost
· Touch Solutions
· Adaptable to all media giant LCD panel display radius
· Automatic adaptation to the support,
· Programming by simple drag and drop or copy and paste ,

Simple, reliable and economic Dynatouch is the ideal solution for small structures for chain stores.
There are 3 versions:
· Dynatouch AD: Signage ( home screens, advertising kiosks, etc. ) capable of managing multiple screens in portrait or landscape display , screen wall, etc. .
· Dynatouch AL: Display specialized for Legal, works on touch screen allows simple display your documents as PDF or images for manual and automatic consultation. Perfect for councils or administrations.
· Dynatouch OT: designed specifically for tourist offices and tourist centers , this tactile version allows you to present modern tourist information such as location map , list of restaurants / hotels / etc , video presentations , etc. .
The server part for those who wish to synchronize their display on different sites: offered when purchasing a solution and runs on any Windows system (PC or server).
Dynatouch requires no hardware or specialized knowledge, it runs on any PC running Windows, from Windows XP to Windows 8.1.

Take hold of your communication!


• No previous knowledge required


no investment


no training

 operation 100% local or centralized